10 Hot Tools for Creating and Editing Short Video

Some of our clients have asked about creating videos.  Here is a list that can help get you started.

1. Want to start creating short videos? Then you’ll want to consider using some of these tools.Just starting out on video? You can’t go wrong with Instagram’s built-in video tool. It allows you to film in sections so you can seamlessly join your edited video together in a professional way.

2. Hyperlapse is a clever tool by Instagram that allows you to create time-lapse videos. It allows you to condense longer videos for a short video effect—a speedy way to tell your story. Hyperlapse is perfect for behind-the-scenes videos and unboxing videos. You could even take your fans on a “quick” tour of your office.

3. Flipagram is super-easy to use and helps bring your images to life to create beautiful short video stories. It’s perfect for posting to Instagram or Facebook. Many people use the videos to give a shout-out to fans, review an event and more. It’s available in the Apple Store, and it’s available for Android and Windows as well.

4. The Videohance app truly makes your videos look beautiful. It allows you toedit in real time on your phone by adding effects, borders, light leaks, text, music and more. With Videohance, it’s easy to create something that looks quite professional! It’s available for iPhone.

5. The Stop Motion app is easy to use and so much fun. As an alternative to Google Play, it allows you to create videos with the fun stop-motion technique. You can also check out Stop-Motion Lite. Both are available on iOS.

6. Whereas other video apps focus on the visuals, Adobe Voice focuses on the voice and turns your story into an animated video in minutes. Speak into the device to tell your story in short sentences or sections, then add animation, images, photos, sound and text. It’s available for iPad.

7. Put simply, 8mm will take you back in time. This low-cost app allows you tocreate old-fashioned 8mm movies in real time. The app is available for the iPhone and iPad.

8. Not strictly a video tool, Cinemagram allows you to animate one part of an image, which is a cool effect, and one worth having in your kit bag.

9. The iMovie app is another in-phone editing tool you can use on the go. It has a lot of the popular features of the desktop iMovie program, allowing you to add audio, text and special effects from your phone. It’s available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

10. Kinemaster Pro Video Editor is a full-featured video editing tool that enables you to work from your smartphone. It’s available for Android (but not all devices).

Source: SM Examiner

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