Social Media Marketing

A social media presence gives you a unique marketing opportunity to network with your customers. We work with you to design an effective presence for your business on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other social media sites; and utilize this presence to engage your customers in discussions about your products and services.

Social Media Set-Up

Red Mango Marketing will set up your social media accounts.  We’ll link the tabs to your website and give you tips on how and when to post, show you how to create events on Facebook all for a one time charge. We also set up and claim your Google Business listings, LinkedIn accounts, and Youtube Channels.

Managed Social Media Services

Don’t have time to manage your social media?  Talk to us, we will create a plan with you and manage and execute your social media.

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Need help setting up your advertising campaigns? Want to create a custom audience or lookalike audience? We can help. We set up and run successful advertising campaigns that result in more business through your door and sales in the store.

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