Building Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing

How do you build brand loyalty with your customers via email marketing? Here are 3 ways:

1) Offer something when they sign up for your newsletter, ideally where they print it off and bring it into your store to redeem or online. Be creative. Offer them a percentage off an item, a coupon, or have them choose from one of 3 items you list (examples are products, caps or shirts with your brand or logo, treats). This gives them a reason to open and read your email newsletter.

2) The Exclusive Benefit Email – People who have signed up to your email list are interested in your business to a degree that they’re willing to let you into their inboxes. That should be considered an honor and a privilege.

So make them feel special. Don’t bombard them with offers: come up with exclusive discounts and invitations that only go to them (and be sure to let them know that no one else is getting what you’re sending them).

A few ideas:

  • A special discount or coupon code that’s only for people on your email list
  • An exclusive invitation to a members-only event, whether it’s in person or online
  • Early access to a new product, service, or other offering

Of course you need to make offers sparingly, even when they’re generous. No one wants to stay subscribed to an email list where they’re being pitched at in message after message.

But when you approach your sales emails with the idea of giving something rather than receiving something, your readers will sense that you’re looking out for their best interests. They’ll be grateful they’re getting exclusive offers because they were smart enough to sign up to your email list.

3) Send Birthday or Anniversary emails.  Encourage your customers to sign up for your birthday club. Email them a birthday coupon the month of their birthday. Delight them with a coupon and build brand loyalty.

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