6 Ways to Better Facebook Page Engagement

Social Media Examiner has a great article out on how to improve Facebook engagement on your page.
Here is a quick review:
  1. Properly Sized Images: post images that are sized at 1200 x 1200 pixels so the photos aren’t distorted or cut off when cropped.
  2. Link Sharing – it matters how you share a link. Facebook will “prioritize showing links in the link-format, and show fewer links shared in captions or status updates.” What is the link-format? It’s when you paste the link into your update, additional information about the article appears—the title, a short snippet of the article and the website URL—plus any information you share in your update. All of these combined give the reader a better idea of whether the article is worth a click-through.
  3. Facebook targeting options – consider using the two new options Facebook just added. Target by interest allows you to target your posts to a select interest group. And Post End Date allows you to select an end date for your posts. The latter is great for upcoming events
  4. Call to Action – this is not new. Ask them to do something. The key is to ask them in a non sales like way
  5. Post at the right time. Look at your Facebook insights and see when your audience is most likely to be online so you can expect good engagement. Consider posting 30 minutes prior to the optimal time so your message is in their newsfeed.
  6. The Sales Pitch – self promotion – Facebook is minimizing overly promotional posts or click-baiting headlines in your audiences news feed. If you want to advertise they pay to promote your content.


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