Purina Honor Show Chow FIRST WEAN 219 CDX ( lb size)

Purina Honor Show Chow FIRST WEAN 219 CDX ( lb size)

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Offer First Wean 219 CDX pig feed as a creep feed when pigs are 10 days of age to optimize early post-weaning feed intake. Honor® Show Chow® FIRST WEAN™ 219 CDX pig feed is supported by Purina research. Get your newly weaned pigs on the FIRST WEAN™ program today to unleash your genetic investment.
NutrientMin / MaxAmountCrude Protein MIN 23.00 %Lysine MIN 1.80 %Crude Fat MIN 7.00 %Crude Fiber MAX 2.50 %Calcium (Ca) MIN 0.60 %Calcium (Ca) MAX 1.10 %Phosphorus (P) MIN 0.60 %Zinc (Zn) MIN 3000 PPMSalt (NaCl) MIN 0.50 %Salt (NaCl) MAX 1.00 %Selenium (Se) MIN 0.30 PPMIngredientsActive Drug Ingredient: Tiamulin (as hydrogen fumarate)...35g/ton
Best ResultsOffer Honor® Show Chow® FIRST WEAN™ 219 pig feed to pigs weighing 12 to 16 lbs in bodyweight. Honor® Show Chow® FIRST WEAN™ 219 pig feed can be used as a creep feed to support early feed intake.CautionNot for use in pregnant swine or swine intended for breed purposes. Do not mix in feeds containing bentonite.DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP DUE TO HIGH LEVELS OF COPPER.Winning MatrixEfficient production requires a thorough understanding and application of the fundamental principles of good husbandry and sanitation. The Purina® Winning Philosophy program will help you step into the spotlight.1. GOOD BREEDING: Practice a sound genetic program of selection and culling. Visit a professional breeder for more information. Know the feeling when you have that perfect animal that has the best potential to win.2. GOOD FEEDING: Proper nutrition for different needs and lifestyles starts with Honor® Show Chow® products. Feed at regular times at least two times daily, with three daily feedings preferred. You can’t become a Grand Champion without the best nutrition.3. SOUND MANAGEMENT: A clean environment minimizes stress and aims to improve average daily gains. Clean stalls, remove debris and provide fresh water daily. The daily attention to detail is the difference between a Grand Champion and lower placement.4. PREVENTIVE HEALTH: Establish an effective health program with your local veterinarian. A sick animal never makes it to the top.These are the building blocks of the Honor® Show Chow® program and the keys to successful production. Practical application of these basic principles will not only support your animal’s growth and development, but also increase its potential of winning on the show circuit.Special ConsiderationsStore in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness, performance loss or death. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.WarningHONOR® SHOW FIRST WEAN™ 219 CDX50WARNING: Do not feed to swine within 42 days of slaughter.HONOR® SHOW FIRST WEAN™ 219 CTC/DENWARNING: Withdraw medicated feed 2 days before slaughter.Protect from excessive temperatures (temperatures that exceed 40 Degrees Celsius or 104 Degrees Fahrenheit). Do not store at warm temperatures up to 104 Degrees Fahrenheit (40 Degrees Celsius) for more than 7 days.

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